Fireweed provides catering and housekeeping services to camps ranging in size from 25 to 500+ people. We promote a hands on style of management, with direct communication between the company owners and our client.

Fireweed employs highly qualified kitchen staff who thrive on the fast-paced and dynamic atmosphere found in large-scale camp settings. Our experienced chefs have a passion for leadership and embody the team mentality that our company values. They help to ensure that our company standards are always met, and act as mentors to our other kitchen staff. Fireweed employees are encouraged to continue learning and refining their skills, allowing them to take on more responsibilities as their experience with us grows.

At Fireweed, we take pride in our food that we provide to our clients. We only use fresh ingredients and do not use pre-packaged foods. We recognize the importance of eating a healthy and well balanced diet, and for different people this has different meaning. We provide enough options to meet all dietary requirements and preferences, from vegetarian and vegan to low carb and high protein diets. Your workforce is your most important resource, keep them happy and healthy by providing them with delicious and nutritious meals from our kitchens!

We use high quality linens and bedding to ensure a good nights rest for our clients. Our housekeeping staff work quickly and efficiently, providing a clean and organized facility. Employees adhere to strict safety standards at all times.  In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, all of our cleaning supplies are EcoLogo certified. Fireweed is passionate about the importance of a happy, healthy environment for all our staff and clients.