At Fireweed, we hold strong values towards providing a safe and healthy work environment for our most valuable resource, our employees. We believe not only in a 'safety program', but fostering a 'safety culture' as well, that promotes active and open participation from all employees. During safety meetings, an open forum concept is practised to stimulate active discussions between management staff and employees. 

Site managers hold the responsibility at the field level to promote and oversee the implementation of Fireweed's safety program. When promoting and hiring individuals to management positions, we put a large emphasis on the candidates attitude towards safety.  We also strongly encourage all levels of staff to be innovative and bring forth ideas to improve the quality and safety of our worksites.

Fireweed is a SAFE Certified Company and holds a COR with WorkSafe BC.

We work in beautiful and remote areas of Canada. Our aim is to preserve the natural state of the local environment as much as possible. Fireweed exclusively uses EcoLogo certified cleaning products at our work sites to ensure a healthy working environment for all personnel, and to help keep the local flora and fauna out of harms way.

At Fireweed we have high expectations of our employees, so its only fair that we provide our staff with the safest and healthiest working environment we can.


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